The Goals Before The Storm

We here at Broken To Barbell decided to set some short-term goals that we can work on while we wait for our next podcast to drop.

These are just a few small attainable goals that are going to push me towards my main objective of stepping on stage at the end of September.

My mornings have become my biggest struggle so during these next few weeks I want to take them back. First and foremost I want to wake every morning and set my intentions for the day. To do so I am going to get a notebook and every morning write down what my intention for the day is.

Next I want to start fasted cardio in the mornings. Fasted cardio is cardio done in the morning before you have had any type of meal aka fasted. I have a very stressful & long work schedule. So my goal is to get my cardio done in the morning so that I can focus on my lifts in the evening. I am not new to fasted cardio and in the past it was jumpstarted my fat loss so I am looking to see what results I can get from it this round.

Now my mornings are only a small portion of my day so during the other 20-something hours ( see what I did there) of the day I want to work on staying AWAY from the vending machines & coffee guy at work. Not spending money on these conveniences will teach me to pack healthy alternatives, save on mula, and of course cut out those horrible junk food addictions once and for all. As for my favorite thing on earth - coffee. I’ll never stop drinking you sweet nectar of the gods. But, I can choose to make my own with healthier options that don’t cost me five dollars a cup.

And last but not least - ADHERING TO MY DIET. I am to be on a bikini prep and I am having trouble sticking to the diet. I have come up with a meal plan for the next three months that is typical “bodybuilderish” with a few little things in there to give me hope and keep me on track.

So to sum it up I want to start off my days on a more mindful & healthy note and carry that throughout the day. I want to focus on making the right choices even if they are harder. I am over taking the easy route , it's time to start making my dreams come true and I’m not going to do that by sitting on the couch eating Funyuns.

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