Short Term Tanner

So I need a short obtainable goal to get me to our first podcast. I have several ideas, but the one that comes to my mind first is sugar. I have a sweet tooth like no other. On the first floor of my office building there is a candy store, and I keep that place in business! So, for the next couple of week leading up to our first episode, I am going to try and cut out all sweets during the week.

What do I mean by no sweets you ask? Here is what I’m thinking.

During my week, lets keep it simple.

  • No candy.

  • No pop.

  • No alcohol.

(I’m going to let myself cheat coffee creamer for now!)

On weekends, I want to be able to still drink, but I will try and be diligent and not drink anything with pop or eat any candy while I’m drinking!

Anything else I should avoid before our first episode?

Let me know and I will try and keep a food journal from now until then and let you know how I did.

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