Conquering The Gym for the First Timer

Although I have been attending the gym for about four years now I have recently taken a very long hiatus. The thought of getting back into the gym after all of this time off has me feeling very anxious. Gym Anxiety is a thing and I am here to help! Whether it's your first time in the gym or the first time back. Here are some tips to transition into that fit life smoothly.

1. Take A Tour

The day you sign up for your gym membership, ask the personnel for a tour of the gym.

Ask questions about the environment, this will help you feel as though “you know your way around” when you get into your first workout. By getting a tour you will see all of the equipment that the gym has to offer as well as the many amenities that you might not otherwise use if you are on your own. I’m guilty of going to the gym and only using the cardio equipment and heading out. Until I found weightlifting I had no idea what I was missing!

2. Make A Plan

If you have a plan before entering the doors of the local gym you are more likely to crush your workout.This helps eliminate unneeded breaks where you would be looking up exercises or planning the next set. The internet is full of resources some of my favorites are , Pinterest, and even Youtube. On sites like you can find full programs designed for any type of goal with exercise guides and even nutrition guides!

3. Playlist of the Gods

Honestly is there anything more enjoyable than a good playlist? To me when I have a good playlist I feel like I can do anything. Spotify is an excellent resource for the already made playlist. They have created list’s for any type of mood & any type of workout. Oh and Broken To Barbell is on Spotify too :)

4. Gym Bags Are Everything

If you haven’t invested in a good gym bag I highly suggest you do. The gym bag is the holy grail when it comes to being comfortable in the gym. My bag is an endless pit of essentials and accessories that can get me through any workout. Here are a few things that I keep in my bag: Water Bottle ,Extra Socks, Converse & Cardio Shoes ,Supplements ,Headphones ,Towel.

5. Avoid going during the peak hours If you don’t deal with crowds (like me) avoid the peak hours at the gym. During the hours of 3pm and 7pm typically after the workday has ended the gym is usually packed. As convenient as it may be to go to the gym right after work you can guarantee it will be busy. So If you are looking for a little more privacy try going before work or later in the evening.

6. Find or bring a gym buddy Having accountability is key when it comes to living a fit lifestyle and finding someone who will keep you accountable is as DJ Khaled would say… “Major Key”. If you don’t personally know someone who is willing to do so try taking to social media. Posting a status looking for a gym partner will spark the interest in your followers. Who knows you and your new friend could start your fitness journey together!

Getting in the gym is the hardest part! So being prepared will ease the anxiety of the first time gym go-er. Remember that nobody in the gym is paying attention to you! We are all there for the same reason and that is to become better. So put in some headphones, blast that playlist and get in a good workout because there is no better feeling than crushing a good workout!

- Samantha Lutz


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