Episode 11 - Meal Prep Show Notes

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ON Episode 11, we discuss Meal Prepping with Amanda Erstfeld.

A special thank you to our guest today, Amanda!

You can follow Amanda and her great food on Instagram or Pinterest.

- Amanda's Lady Fingers

3:59 - "What's with Wheat" documentary

06:16 - Amanda's No Rules Deviled Egg Recipe - Image of Past Halloween Eggs!

  • 10 Eggs - Hardboiled

  • Cut eggs in half, put aside white halves.

  • Take the yolks in a separate bowl and crumble them.

  • Add a blob of bacon grease.

  • Add a blob of mayo

  • Add a blob of sour cream

  • Add a blob of ranch

  • The most important seasonings, salt & pepper.

  • Now add flavor! (Maybe with the bacon you had to make to get the bacon grease!)

19:11 - Amanda's Video Transfer Service - TheVideoScrapbook

24:07 - Picture of Amanda's garden.

1:01:17 - Mental Illness Happy Hour podcast

Link mentioned at beginning of episode but not discussed.

Meal Prep for Beginners

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